ultrasonic atomizering for blood collection tube

The ultrasonic atomizing spray technology offers superior uniform and repeat coatings. The precise fine tuning system produces tighter drop distribution for fats drying dispersions.

Ultrasonic atomizing spray systems have been widely used for coating the inside of blood Collecting Tube and Syringe Barrel with anticoagulants (EDTAK2, EDTAK3, Lithium Heparin, Sodium Heparin) and Blood Clothing Accelerants (Silica, Venom, Thrombin).

Ultrasonic spray technology has its obvious advantage over conventional pressure or air systems.

  •  High transfer efficiency and very low deposition rates result in ultra thin coating with little waste.

  •  The nozzle atomizes the liquid into uniform and micro-sized droplets that adhere to surface without overspray.

  •  Little maintenance is required because the nozzles are self-clean.

  • We specially designed the unique slim nozzles to integrate with current manufacturing line easily. Our advanced project support team is available for high volume OEM pilot lines for large scale production.