fuel emulsion


Fuel oil is widely used in power generation, Marine boiler fuel, heating furnace, metallurgical furnace and other industrial furnace fuel. Fuel oil is mainly composed of cracking residue of petroleum oil and straight-run residue oil, its characteristic is the viscosity, non hydrocarbon compounds, colloid and asphaltene.

Fuel Emulsion Results

Ultrasound, exist within the emulsion droplets collide with each other, the process of the collision process of small and medium-sized droplet is emerged with the break may exist, water content had ambassador droplets increase in the number of opportunities to be merged into larger droplets, too big droplets increased average particle size of emulsion, and eventually make its stable time.

The Effect of Ultrasonic Emulsion Machine

Compared with other emulsifying technology, ultrasonic emulsification can make the droplets spread thin and narrow distribution, high efficiency, good dispersion effect and increase the stability of the emulsion. Under different ratio of fuel and water, the emulsion droplets average particle size analysis in determining the distribution of emulsifier, under the condition of ultrasonic power and the role of time, there is a limit of water content in emulsion.

Fuel Emulsion Video

Standard Unit Emulsion Solutions

Standard unit ultrasonic liquid processor

Automatic Emulsion Solutions

Batch-Mode ultrasonic liquid processor

The labsonic 500 ultrasonic liquid processor

The Prosonic 1000 ultrasonic liquid processor

The InDsonic 3000 ultrasonic liquid processor

Inline Emulsion Solutions

Inline Mode ultrasonic liquid processor

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