non-trace swimsuit sewing

Non-trace Swimsuit

Compared with suture needle sewing swimsuit, wear for a long time will feel uncomfortable, or skin is bridle, moreover elastic degree is not good, the phenomenon such as wear for a long time may get bigger, Non-trace swimsuit does not exist the problem.

The Effect of Ultrasonic Sewing Machine

CHEERSONIC developed ultrasonic seamless sewing equipment can not only realize seal waterproof performance, and seams not easy damaged, the intensity and the fabric itself is very close. So the chi fly research and development of ultrasonic ultrasonic seamless sewing equipment can guarantee the swimsuit to the strict requirement of waterproof.

The Effect of CHEERSONIC

We can test for free, and give a lot of the best solution, including the production, secondary production, assembly line, and the optimized revamping existing production lines. Contact CHEERSONIC today to test sewing your products on our ultrasonic sewing systems.

Non-trace Swimsuit Sewing Video

Ultrasonic Sewing Machine Situation

Ultrasonic fabric sewing machine

Ultrasonic fabric welding & mechanical cutting

Ultrasonic Fabric Cutting & Sealing Situation

Ultrasonic fabric cutting & sealing

Ultrasonic fabric welding & ultrasonic fabric cutting

Ultrasonic Cutting Machine Situation

Ultrasonic Fabric Cutting Machine

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