ultrasonic bag sewing machine


Bag just as its name implies is to grocery bags, packet is also the most important thing in our daily life, both for their own identity, and reflects his own personality.

The Effect of Ultrasonic Sewing Machine

CHEERSONIC get rid of the traditional line ultrasonic sewing equipment, with high speed Long service life, convenient maintenance (zero) maintenance, etc, is an ideal equipment for woven bag. CHEERSONIC ultrasonic sewing machine sewing bag advantage: four times the size of the running speed for ordinary sewing machine, the operation is simple; Wireless instead of sewing needle and weld strength. Are widely used in the woven bag/snakeskin bag mouth package edge, pressure side, sealing, seam and stitching.

The Effect of CHEERSONIC

We can test for free, and give a lot of the best solution, including the production, secondary production, assembly line, and the optimized revamping existing production lines. Contact CHEERSONIC today to test sewing your products on our ultrasonic sewing systems.

Bag Sewing Video

Ultrasonic Sewing Machine Situation

Ultrasonic fabric sewing machine

Ultrasonic fabric welding & mechanical cutting

Ultrasonic Fabric Cutting & Sealing Situation

Ultrasonic fabric cutting & sealing

Ultrasonic fabric welding & ultrasonic fabric cutting

Ultrasonic Cutting Machine Situation

Ultrasonic Fabric Cutting Machine

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