Auto range ultrasonic atomizing coating


Ultrasonic atomization spray is the use of ultrasonic energy function to spray liquid break up, forming a few microns to several ten microns particles size. And rely on pressure and high speed movement of traditional liquid shattered into small particles of spray head, ultrasonic spray head is the use of low liquid atomization of ultrasonic vibration energy. By its own gravity and low pressure liquid pump to spray head and a continuous or intermittent liquid spray.

• Can replace the traditional pressure type spraying

• Preparation of highly efficient, spray more fine and homogeneous, flexible coating

• More accurate, coating quality control and improve spraying effect

• Spray is easy to finalize the design, reliable and consistent

• In use process, spray block, can reduce downtime maintenance time

• Spraying material no divergence, waste reduction and environmental protection

• Low flow rate, can be continuous or intermittent operation, improve the efficiency of spraying

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