Sweet Sultan Bread Cutting – Ultrasonic Bread Slice


Sweet Sultan Bread Cutting – Ultrasonic Bread Slice

This cake is the perfect weekend treat.

This is a traditional, delicious country cake. It has a sweet, crispy top, a lovely moist texture, almost too delicate. This Sultan cake is perfect for a cup of tea and will be the best warm ~

Because the jam in the bread a lot of very dense, may use ordinary knife cutting Sultan bread is not very wise. You can use the ultrasonic hand knife, quickly complete the clean and tidy bread slices, on the plate, at your table, freshly enjoy the sweet Sultan bread slice with your cup of tea or coffee, that feeling good ~ ~ ~

Sweet sultan bread combine layers of fruit and cake requiring some innovative ways to use machines to cut the product into sliced portions. Bread cutting engineers use stainless steel blades, titanium ultrasonic systems, and even wires to strategically portion hard to slice sultan bread. Special blades are designed to cut bread and cakes.

Ultrasonic Bread Slice Video