Ultrasonic Round Cake Slicer


Ultrasonic Round Cake Slicer

Slice up to 240 cakes per hour with the Ultrasonic Round Cake Slicer!

Ultrasonic Round Cake Slicer

The CHEERSONIC ultrasonic round cake slicer is a machine designed for the accurate cutting of round cakes. It can slice a large variety of products in size, number of portions and temperature range.

The machine is equipped with two cutting tables and four cutting circular chassis or a rectangular chassisfor a high production output.

The cake slicer incorporates an automatic and highly accurate product positioning system driven by a motor.

The adjustment of the number of portions is on the operating panel.

Multiple cutting modes
Moveable stainless steel cabinet
Programmable cutting table
Safety control
Easy-to-change diameters

UFM6000 Ultrasonic Round Cake Slicer Viedo