Black Forest Gateau Cake Cutting Tools – Ultrasonic Cake Cutting Tools


Black Forest Cake (Schwarzwaelder Kirschtorte) is Germany’s most famous dessert, is one of the desserts protected by German law. It combines the cherry’s sour, creamy sweet, chocolate bitter, cherry wine mellow. Authentic black forest cake, chocolate is less, more prominent is the taste of cherry wine and cream.

With the arrival of the summer, the delicious dessert cake became our favorite in the afternoon. Black forest cake is essential in the holidays, it is cut into a uniform triangle. Cheersonic can create a custom ultrasonic cutting blade that is ideal for cutting pies and cakes, no matter who cut the cake and will cut it very beautifully.

Do you still cut cake with ordinary knives? Are the slices always consistent? Why not try the ultrasonic cutting machine? We can tailor the size you need according to your cutting needs. Welcome to test!

Ultrasonic Cake Cutting Tools Video